Lady members have always been an integral part of Gosforth Golf Club which is illustrated by the fact that when the Club opened in March 1906 there were 50 lady members out of a total membership of 150.

- Melanie Garland: Captain 2021 -

The Ladies Section

The welcome offered to lady members in the early 1900’s set the Club apart from many other clubs at that time and this has continued through to the present day. The Ladies’ Section of the Club was formed shortly after the Club was established
The Ladies' Section now has almost 100 members and is a vibrant and dynamic part of the golf club. The Ladies' Section extends a warm welcome to players of all abilities, and whether a novice or a seasoned handicapper, Gosforth Golf Club is a friendly and beautiful place to play golf.
The Ladies play competitions on Sundays and Tuesdays. Nine hole competitions are played throughout the year to encourage those who are new to the game or who have less time to spare. There are also informal roll ups on Mondays and Fridays and Fun competitions in the winter. Social mixed competitions and mixed trophy competitions are held in the summer.
Three Ladies’ Open Competitions are held each year. These Opens are very popular and well attended by members and visitors alike. There is an Open Team Event in April, an Open Texas Scramble in July and an Open “Waltz” in September.

The ladies have an “Away Day” every year normally in August. This is always well attended and a great day out.
The Ladies' Section has three teams entered in the local leagues playing in the 1st,4t and 6th divisions. In addition we also have a team entered in the Evening League which is played over 9 holes, and is arranged for those who work and/or aren’t selected for the league matches. The Ladies' Section also has a TR Percy team and the Norah Percy team (made up of ladies with higher handicaps).

The Gosforth Ladies have had a very successful year in 2019.
The Northumberland County Championships were held at Gosforth Golf Club this year. Sian Oakley was the County Captain in 2019, taking Northumberland to their highest placing in County Match Week in many years. This year, 2020, is the Centenary of the Northumberland Ladies County Golf Association (NLCGA). Gosforth Golf Club was one of the six clubs that formed the Association in 1920 and will host one of the big Centenary competitions in May.

Sam Malone won the Gosforth Golf Club Championship in 2019, beating Lynne Liddle in the final on the 18th hole.

There was great success at County level in 2019. Our 1st Team were the winners of the 2nd Division and will play in the 1st Division in 2020. Our 3rd Team won the 7th Division and so are promoted to the 6th Division. In singles events, Melanie Garland won the prestigious Nora Baker Trophy for the best gross score at the Spring Meeting. Gosforth Golf Club won both the team prizes at the Spring meeting and another team prize at the Autumn Meeting. Pauline Rourke was a member of the winning partnership who won the 4BBB competition. At Veterans competitions, Annette Storr won the prize for the Bronze section and Gosforth Golf Club won the Millennium Trophy.

Our club is well represented at County administration level. Bernie Legg is the Secretary of the NLCGA, Yvonne Steane is Handicap Advisor and Yvonne Coutts is a County Committee member. Lisa Hamlin is the England Golf Northern Region Representative and will be responsible for the organisation of County Match Week, which will be held in Northumberland, at Alnmouth Golf Club, in June. Jane Benn and Jan Coates are delegates on the County Vets Committee.

If you do decide to join us, we will appoint a lady member to introduce you to other members and if you are new to the game she will be able to mentor you through the game and rules etc. and take you out on the course. Ladies “Get-into-Golf” beginners’ courses are held throughout the year to encourage ladies to take up the game of golf. There is regular social media communication between members of the Ladies' Section so that everyone is kept fully informed

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Ladies' Club Championships 2021

Our Club Champion for 2021 is Lynne Liddle winning on the 18th hole against Lilibeth Ratcliffe. It was a tightly fought match.

In the morning Lynne had beaten Jan Coates in the semi final. In the other semi final Lilibeth won against Melanie Garland on the 21st hole.

The Bronze final was won by Joanne Tsang and the High Bronze was final was won by Yvonne Steane.

Many thanks to all the supporters who came along to give their support.

Lady Captains Day 2021

The Lady Captains Day was held on Tuesday 15th June 2021. It was a fantastic day with wall to wall sunshine. The ladies were out in force and thoroughly enjoyed the day especially the fun chipping and pitching competition. We were lucky enough to have the evening presentation outside in front of the putting green with the stunning 18th hole as the backdrop.

Thank you to everyone who took part in supporting the day as it had been long awaited!

Congratulations to all who won prizes! The Captains Prize was won by a past Captain, Helen Clealand.

Returning to Golf - March 2021

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Northumberland Ladies County Spring Meeting 2021

It was an honour on Wednesday 19th May to host the Northumberland Ladies County Spring Meeting 2021.

The day was a great success with ladies participating from all over the County.

Congratulations to GGCs Sarah Phillips who tied for best gross and lost on countback on the back 9.

The Nancie Walton Trophy for the 4 best gross scores from one club in HI: plus to 20.4 was won by GGCs Sarah Phillips, Melanie Garland, Di Brett and Yvonne Coutts.

The Grace Storey Trophy for the 4 best gross scores from one club in HI: 20.5 - 54 was won by Annette Storr, Ann Camozzi, Sheila MacPhail and Caroline Ruddick.

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Breast Cancer Care and Research Fundraiser 2020

On Tuesday 20th October, GGC Ladies section held a fundraising competition to raise money for Breast Cancer Care and Research. ⠀

Money was raised through donations, competition entry, pink accessory sales and fantastic face masks masks handmade by one of our lady members, Elaine. ⠀

A big thank you to all our ladies who took part and also GGC members who donated! ⠀

County Competition Winners 2019
- Past Lady Captain’s Charity Bernie Legg -

Handing over a cheque for £2407 to Leslie Caisley, a Trustee of Daft as a Brush .

- Eleanor Inglis & Gordon King -

Fleck Salvers Winners 2019

Gosforth Golf Club is a signatory to The R&A Women in Golf Charter
We are dedicated to contributing towards creating a positive change in golf, that will create a more inclusive culture to encourage more women and girls to thrive in the game

The R&A Women in Golf Charter

A commitment to a more inclusive culture within golf

We, Gosforth Golf Club call on everyone involved in golf to play their part in developing a culture that values women’s involvement in every aspect of the sport, from participating to pursuing a career.

 Our aim is to increase the number of women and girls playing and working in golf.
 To achieve this goal and to enable women to flourish throughout golf, we recognise the need for a fundamental shift in culture. There is a clear ethical need for change and the potential economic benefits of growing the sport through more women and girls playing are substantial.
 The R&A commits to playing a leading role in this process and to working with affiliates, partners and the wider golf industry towards achieving this goal.
 In signing this Charter, we Gosforth Golf Club commit to making tangible efforts to develop a welcoming and inspiring environment for women. We will do more to attract women into golf, to remain, and to have rewarding careers.

The Charter:
 Is a statement of intent from the golf industry and Gosforth Golf Club, to unite and to focus gender balance at all levels
 Commits us all to supporting measures to increase the number of women, girls and families playing golf
 Calls for positive action to encourage women to pursue careers in all areas of the sport
 Recognises the need for change that creates an inclusive environment within golf and our golf club

Signatories commit to activate this Charter by:
 Developing and implementing an internal strategy for enhancing gender balance at every level
 Establishing senior management responsibility and accountability for gender balance and inclusion, which is discussed and reviewed at committee/board level with Gosforth Golf Club
 Strongly advocating more women and girls playing and working in golf.
 Working with key stakeholders to develop and embed a more inclusive culture.
 Promoting the Charter and our goal of encouraging more women and girls to play golf and work in golf.

How we at Gosforth Golf Club plan to achieve this
1. Deliver two initiatives annually commencing April and August targeting women/girls and families that are aligned with key England Golf campaigns and monitor performance based on these initiatives
2. Promote a membership pathway, for women/girls and families to progress within the club by introducing an academy style membership
3. Have designated Champions/Mentors within the club who can assist and support new participants and members to assist in achieving their goals
4. To achieve and maintain 30% female representation on our Board of Directors by actively promoting these positions linked to appropriate role descriptors that are not gender specific by being specific in our recruitment process.
5. To become a SafeGolf accredited club and ensure policies and procedures remain up to date by recruiting the right people who are committed to achieving these goals.
6. Appoint a designated Charter Champion within the club who can assist with the promotion and reporting of the charter

Charter Champion: Susan Jopling