Clubhouse Opening 4th July


Following the government’s announcement that bars and restaurants can open, the Committee are very happy to announce that the clubhouse lounge and restaurant will re-open on the 4th July. Clearly, everyone MUST follow the rules set down on social distancing etc. and therefore you will see a number of changes to allow the club to keep staff, members and visitors safe.

• The new procedures are attached for the consumption of both drinks and meals and will be posted around the clubhouse.
• Sanitiser containers will be distributed around the clubhouse and toilet areas and on each table.
• All doors will be kept open to limit the need for contact and all non-essential items will be removed for the same reason.
• The coffee machines will be in use but will bear a notice that you must sanitise the parts that you touch, sanitisers will be left nearby.
• A one-way system for entry and exit to the lounge will be set out, for the men entry will be via the men’s locker room and for the ladies via their locker room.
• Once drinks are served you must exit the queuing area and find a table, tables will be marked with the maximum occupancy.
• Once all tables inside are taken, drinks should be consumed outside and ONLY at the tables provided.
• A bin will be set aside outside to dispose of plastic containers, but actual glasses may be used in which case they will be collected by the bar staff.
• The Club respectfully request that patrons do not overstay their welcome to be fair to other members and visitors as they finish their round as space is limited.
• Please note the area immediately in front of the Clubhouse and Pro shop MUST be kept clear.
• Should any member or visitor later find that they show the symptoms of Covid-19 they should inform the NHS AND Gosforth Golf Club.

Please act responsibly in and around the clubhouse, observe social distancing and the Club’s rules for your own safety and that of others.

However, the Committee ask that you follow the rules but more so ENJOY yourself.


The Safety Health and wellbeing for those that use the golf club is paramount. It is essential that all golfers read and abide by the following measures to protect themselves and others from being put at risk of contracting Covid-19.


• Those entering the clubhouse may wear their own mask if they wish to do so
• Entry and Exit points to Locker Room, Toilets, the lounge and restaurant will be clearly marked and a one way system will be in operation
• The small bar area and games room will be off-limits
• Please use the sanitisers provided before ordering and being seated
• You will be asked to sign a ‘Track & Trace’ book
• Orders for drinks/food will be taken at the bar, the queuing area will be delineated
• Payment will be by contactless only
• Whilst seated people must sit at least 1m apart, each table will be clearly marked with the maximum capacity
• If food has been ordered please return all crockery/utensils to the designated table which will be clearly marked
• When all tables inside are in use, drinks must be consumed outside
• If plastic containers are being used in the outside areas these should be disposed of in the bin provided
• If social distancing is being ignored please understand that staff may ask for you to maintain the necessary distance, please be understanding it’s for your own and others safety
• Failure to observe the procedure may be reported and individuals asked to leave
• In fairness to other golfers/visitors we respectfully ask that you do not overstay as space is limited


• There will be two bar staff on duty at all times
• Bar staff will take orders and serve from behind a Perspex screen
• Bar staff will collect all glasses from the lounge and outside areas
• Bar staff will sanitise the tables and chairs etc. on a regular basis


Social distancing MUST be observed at all times

First Aid

The Club has a defibrillator which is located inside the Men’s Locker Room on the right hand side of the entrance door.

First aid boxes are available in the following locations:
• Course: Green Keepers Shed
• Course: In Cabinet (Shipping Container) in the Yard
• Clubhouse: Professional’s Shop
• Clubhouse: Behind the Bar
• Clubhouse: In the Kitchen

The following staff are trained as First Aiders:
• Chris Walker Green Staff
• Glenn Salters  Green Staff
• Grahame Garland Clubhouse
• Michelle Gray Clubhouse

Emergency Action Plan

The following emergency procedures have been drawn up to assist anyone involved in an incident at the Gosforth Golf Club, and to ensure the safety of Members and Visitors to the Club. It is the responsibility of ALL Members and visitors to comply with the Emergency and Fire Procedures as detailed on notices displayed throughout the Clubhouse and on the Course.

It is recommended that groups of players arrange for one person to carry a mobile phone in their golf bag (switched to silent) in order to make a telephone call in an emergency.
The actions recommended for incidents on the course are:-

  • In an emergency DIAL 999 and give the Operator the Club Post Code NE3 5ER
Then contact  either of the following:-
Provide the following information:-
  • Details of the incident or illness
  • The exact location of the casualty
  • The optimum access route for Emergency Service vehicles i.e. from the Clubhouse or from Heathery Lane.

It is the player’s own responsibility to discontinue play when, in his/her opinion, a danger from lightning exists. In the event that a player is out on the golf course when lightning is about then the following safety considerations are advised:
  • Keep as low as possible and ideally crouch down in the nearest bunker
  • Leave your golf equipment where it is and move away from it.
Do not:-
  • Stand near golf clubs or trolleys
  • Shelter under trees or on high ground
  • Make your way off the course or to shelters by walking under trees
  • Use a mobile phone – make sure it is switched off
  • Put up your umbrella under any circumstances

Emergency Instructions
1. If you discover a fire inside a Club buildings:
  • Immediately activate the nearest fire alarm.
  • If possible, try to put out the fire using a fire extinguisher without taking personal risks.
2. If you hear the fire alarm:-
  • Leave the building by the nearest available exit route
  • Proceed to the Assembly Point in the Visitor’s Car Park.
3. Escape routes:
  • Escape routes are indicated thus:-
  • All external doors may be used as escape routes
4. Fire-fighting equipment:-
  • Fire-fighting equipment is located in circulation areas and near fire exit doors.

5. Duties & Identities of people with specific responsibilities in the event of fire:-
On hearing the alarm in the Clubhouse the Club House Manager or duty bar person will usher Members and Visitors out of the building towards the Assembly Point. He or she will ensure:-

  • Their areas are cleared of people (including the disabled toilet).
  • The Visitor’s Book is collected on the way out.
  • The Emergency Services have been called.
  • A roll call is taken to check that everyone known to be in the building(s) is out.
  • No-one re-enters the building(s) until advised that it is safe to do so by the Senior Fire & Rescue Officer present.
On hearing the alarm in the Green Keepers Shed, if present the Head Greenkeeper, Deputy Head Greenkeeper will usher greens staff and visitors out of the building towards the Assembly Point. He will ensure that:-
  • The Emergency Services have been called.
  • A roll call is taken to check that everyone known to be in the building(s) is out.
  • No-one re-enters the building(s) until advised that it is safe to do so by the Senior Fire & Rescue Officer present.

6. Arrangements for the safe evacuation of people identified as being especially at risk such as contractors, young persons at work, those with disabilities, members of the public and visitors:-

  • Visitors: The Club House Manager or duty bar person together with anyone hosting a visitor must take responsibility for that visitor and ensure that they leave the building by the nearest exit.
  • Young Persons at Work: Any young person employed at the Club under the age of 18 years e.g. Dining Room waiting staff, should not hold any responsibility for fire evacuation and must be treated the same as a visitor to the Club. 
  • Contractors: Must be given information about fire procedures and leave the building at the nearest exit.
  • People with disabilities: The Club House Manager or duty bar person will ensure such individuals are evacuated.

7. Calling Emergency Services

  • On hearing the fire alarm the Club House Manager or duty bar person will Dial 999 and ask for the Fire and Rescue Service or other emergency service as appropriate.
  • In the absence of the Club House Manager or duty bar person, any Member may call the emergency services. This may best be achieved using a mobile phone.

8. Procedure for liaison with the Emergency Services on their arrival and notifying them of any specific risks e.g. location of highly flammable materials:-

  • The Club House Manager or duty bar person or Member of the Management Committee (if present) will liaise with the Emergency Services on their arrival.

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