Clubhouse Dress Code

Members and visitors at Gosforth Golf Club come to the Club to relax. A "smart casual" dress code is considered to be appropriate to providing a relaxing atmosphere in the Clubhouse.

However, the following items are strictly prohibited in the clubhouse:
- Golf shoes
- Caps and Hats
- Waterproofs
- Outdoor clothing
- Soiled clothing/work wear
- Football shirts/rugby tops/track suits
- T-shirts with offensive wording/inappropriate logo’s
- Torn or soiled clothing
- Non-tailored shorts

Smart jeans & smart trainers are acceptable in the clubhouse but they must not be torn or ripped.

On formal occasions, Gentlemen may be requested to wear a jacket & tie.

Staff have the right to challenge anyone who disregards the above, so to avoid possible embarrassment please adhere to this dress code.

If you are not following this relaxed dress code, please do not be offended if a member of staff or a club official challenges you.

Course Dress Code

When on the golf course, members and visitors are expected to wear smart golf clothing.

For the health and safety of players, the wearing of golf shoes is mandatory 

Wearing the following items of clothing on the course is prohibited:-

  • Blue denim jeans/jeans
  • Combat style trousers
  • T-shirts
  • Football shirts, football shorts, rugby shirts, rugby shorts and the like.
  • Track suits 
  • Trainer shoes

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