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Our Covid-19 Guidelines

COVID Guidelines

• Masks must be worn at all times when in the Clubhouse and Pro Shop. They can only be removed when seated at a table.
• Sanitiser containers are distributed around the clubhouse and toilet areas and on each table.
• Please scan the NHS Track and Trace QR code using your phone on arrival.
• You may only sit at a table with members up to a maximum of 6 people.
• All doors are kept open to limit the need for contact and all non-essential items will be removed for the same reason.
• The coffee machines are in use but bear a notice that you must sanitise the parts that you touch, sanitisers will be left nearby.
• The locker room doors will be kept open, golfers inside are to stand back and giveaway to oncoming golfers.
• Outdoor table service is in operation and indoor from 17th May.
• The Club respectfully request that patrons do not overstay their welcome to be fair to other members and visitors as they finish their round as space is limited.
• Please note the area immediately in front of the Clubhouse and Pro shop MUST be kept clear.
• Should any member or visitor later find that they show the symptoms of Covid-19 they should inform the NHS AND Gosforth Golf Club.

Please act responsibly in and around the clubhouse, observe social distancing and the Club’s rules for your own safety and that of others.

However, the Committee ask that you follow the rules but more so ENJOY yourself.


The Safety Health and wellbeing for those that use the golf club is paramount. It is essential that all golfers read and abide by the following measures to protect themselves and others from being put at risk of contracting Covid-19.


• Those entering the clubhouse must wear their own mask.
• Entry and Exit points to Locker Room, Toilets, the lounge and restaurant are clearly marked and a one way system is in operation.
• Please use the sanitisers provided.
• You will be asked to sign a ‘Track & Trace’ book or scan the NHS QR code.
• Orders for drinks/food will be taken by bar staff once you are seated.
• Payment will be by contactless only.
• Whilst seated people must sit at least 1m apart, each table will be clearly marked with the maximum capacity.
• If social distancing is being ignored please understand that staff may ask for you to maintain the necessary distance, please be understanding it’s for your own and others safety.
• Failure to observe the procedure may be reported and individuals asked to leave.
• In fairness to other golfers/visitors we respectfully ask that you do not overstay as space is limited.


• Bar staff will provide table service.
• Bar staff will collect all glasses from the lounge and outside areas.
• Bar staff will sanitise the tables and chairs etc. on a regular basis.


Social distancing MUST be observed at all times.


Social distancing remains in place of 1 meter plus inside. The locker and toilet areas will be cleaned and sanitised on a regular basis.


Two households will be able to enter the Professional Shop to collect their cards maintaining social distancing. After play they must be deposited in the box outside the Professional Shop. If there is a need to purchase anything please pay by contactless payment where possible.


We advise that players use a protective glove when opening the gates. When crossing the bridle path, groups should walk single file on one side only to enable safe passing for members of the public.


1. Only use your own golf equipment, if it does not belong to you do not touch it e.g. tees or balls you may find on the course.
2. Golfers must take a rake from the 'clean bin' and one player must be the designated raker. Please return the rake to the 'Used' bin after your round.
3. Flagsticks MUST NOT be removed or handled.
4. Hole cups will be modified for retrieving the ball; avoid touching the flag or cup.
5. External tables and forms will be available to use. Priority will be given to those golfers who wish to place an order from the bar staff.
6. Tee boxes will be marked to show 2 metre separation.
7. On the greens and fairways keep to the social distancing rules.
8. If you don’t have your own ball scoop, DO NOT try to retrieve golf balls, please leave them in the water hazards to avoid injury.

Risk Assessment: A full risk assessment has been carried out and the details are available for members to view via the link below and in the Health and Safety folder held in the office. The policy will be displayed on the notice boards.

National Sources of Guidance: In compiling this guidance we have followed that provided to us from Golf England https://www.englandgolf.org/coronavirus/ and Public Health England https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/public-health-england . The sources of this advice is available on the links shown.

For any enquiries relating to the above, please contact Grahame Garland on 0191 285 3495 or by email at admin@gosforthgolfclub.co.uk

Risk Assessment

A full risk assessment has been carried out and the details are available for members to view in the Health and Safety folder held in the office or by clicking the link below. The policy will be displayed on the notice boards.